5 Ways to Curb the Costs when Designing a Kitchen

If you are in the throes of getting your kitchen refurbished, it is indispensable to establish a budget before hiring a kitchen designer in Dubai and visualizing the finished space. This will thwart you from falling head over heels in love with design options that are way over your reach.  If you want to glean the best value for money, here are 5 ways to make sure that every penny of your budget goes towards garnering a kitchen you’ll absolutely love to work in:

Trim down wastage

Just because you no longer fancy your old kitchen doesn’t make it scrap. You can consider reusing existing materials such as units, radiators, doors, or floorboards, or they can be sold to earn money for new replacements. Contact your local reclamation yard or try Gumtree or Ebay!

Mix and match kitchen furniture

Since not all of us can afford to deck out our entire kitchen space with bespoke units, a prudent move is to commission a statement island or some other central feature, while fitting out the rest of the space with basic-quality, standard units. Worktops follow the same principle- leverage granite or some other material along the lines for the island, while laminate elsewhere or use timber.

Think inside the box

Reusing and remodeling existing space can bid adieu to many of your worries inherent with re-designing a kitchen. Modern requirements for larders, drying rooms, and utility rooms can often be satiated with what you already have there. You can also consider merging your kitchen and dining area to add 2 meters of space for a walk-in utility or larder. This alleviates the problem of usability and storage, while minimizing disruption and alleviating costs.

Fit the kitchen yourself

Did you know that a major chunk of your budget could be squandered away in installation alone? The cost of installation could go sky-high, making you rue the day you decided to re-design. Well the good news is that you can cut this staggering cost by installing the doors and units yourself, a feat any medium-skill DIY-er should be able to accomplish.

Reuse materials

While most kitchen renovations see the last of the old kitchen and its former glory, you can salvage what’s re-usable to keep the costs to a minimum.  In a lot of cases the carcasses can be reused, and combined with new doors and a bit of hard work, will look every bit the part for your new kitchen. Click here to glean more ideas about reusing old materials.

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