Things You Didn’t Know About Offset Printing

How many times have you felt the need to hire a printing service? Perhaps the answer is quite evident if you are an entrepreneur – i.e. many times. But, have you ever thought about hiring a printing service that uses advanced printing techniques such as offset printing? Off course you must have, as the purpose often is to get the printing job done the right way. Offset printing is a little different when compared to your conventional printing methods. There are things that make it stand out among other forms of printing services in your area. It has been observed that offset printing in Dubai is quite popular due to the fascinating results it provides. Also, it is not at all expensive which makes it easily accessible for almost all customers. Here is more that might find interesting about offset printing:

How Is It Done?

It is known by many names in the industry but when compared to other forms of printing, it takes a little more time and for a good reason. When you hire a printing company and ask them to provide you adequate printing stuff, they’ll give you options to choose from. Offset printing is different to digital printing. In this type of printing, your printing company will use a different method to transfer the final image on the paper. There are several ways of doing this, but the most common one is by using etched metal plates, commonly aluminum, to apply ink on the paper sheet. In some cases, the plates are used to transfer the image on a blanket made out of rubber. A closer look at this printing method reveals the reason as to why is it known as offset printing. Since the image is transferred through metal plates on a paper or rubber, and not directly printed to the paper, the terms “offset” is used.

Difference From Digital Printing

There are several differences between the two. In digital printing, the printing image is directly transferred to the paper. The process includes electrostatic rollers that are used to apply the toner to the paper. The process is quite complex but equally fast. However, the results of both types can vary vastly. It is evident the offset printing is more complex and time consuming when compared to digital printing. However, both methods are commonly used and are equally popular among customers.

Before you go out to hire a printing press in Dubai, make sure to keep your requirements in mind and choose the right service for job.

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