The Best Propane Grills & Natural Gas Grills to buy in 2018

The market is filled with different kinds of gas grills, not all of them make it possible to choose the type of gas that will power your grill ( propane or natural gas ). On top of that, when choosing a new gas grill, there’s plenty of important tasks and responsibilities you have to take care of in order to choose a model you’ll be satisfied with.

Choosing a new gas grill is always a time-consuming task, no matter if the grill runs on natural gas or propane. You simply need a lot of time to personally analyze all the offers from the manufacturers.

Remember that not all gas grills are the same, each model has its upsides and downsides that have to be looked into, and their prices are really diverse.

You don’t know exactly what to buy for a particular price? We have prepared several different offers for you in different price ranges and sizes so that we can satisfy the expectations of most people. So without further ado, take a look at the five best gas grills ( All versions run on propane while some of them also have an option of adapting to natural gas ).

Picking The Best Propane Grill & Natural Gas Grill in 2019

Choosing a perfect gas grill requires not only comparing its size and price. You also have to check out the power, the quality of workmanship, the quality of elements, the thickness of materials, the weight, different features and finally the appearance. Remember never to buy with your eyes, and to carefully analyze every choice so that you avoid disappointments.

Before we chose for you what we believe to be the best gas grills, we had carefully analyzed them and put to tests. As you already know, the differences in prices tend to be very high, which is why we tried to check out every price range. The key differences between grills here will mostly be the quality of workmanship, power and size.

What were the tests like? We tried to make sure that they are as close as possible to the conditions each of us cooks on a grill in. We threw a party where we cooked different types of food for a large number of guests while also comparing all the grill models in many regards ( quality of workmanship, speed of warming up, heat distribution etc ) and most of all we compared the results of cooking.

Below we present 5 options that differ significantly in terms of size, price, quality, and even warranty. If the price is concerning to you, we have also prepared much cheaper suggestions, if on the other hand you need something much better then we also have something perfect for you which will probably live up to your expectations.

The 5 Best Gas Grills Reviews in 2019

1. Best Overall Weber Spirit II E-310

A phenomenal grill from Weber, it is a new model from 2018, which once again shows that Weber is the king among gas grills. It is a new version of Spirit II, which differs significantly from its predecessor in every regard.

Weber Spirit II E 310 is in our view a perfect gas grill, available in two versions ( propane or natural gas version ). These are separate versions which means that you cannot convert the propane version to natural gas or the other way round, before the purchase you need to make the final decision about the version you want.

In our tests, this model was unanimously given the first place thanks to its multiple advantages. Spirit II E-310 comes with 3 burners and a total of 529 square inches of the main cooking area. It is also equipped with the well known Gs4 grilling system known so far from the much more expensive Weber Genesis class, as well as an array of other accessories.

The size of this grill, the features ( Gs4 system ), the efficiency and the speed of warming up make it a model that lives up to expectations of most clients and for a decent price, too. It is undoubtedly the most popular middle class gas grill that comes with whole 10 years of warranty which is another very important argument in its favor.

This time the manufacturers have chosen an open structure that has its upsides and downsides. The appearance of the new version is a matter of individual preferences, personally we liked it a lot although some people may not like the lack of a front door.



To sum it up, it is a gas grill for those who value quality, efficiency and perfect size. For that kind of price you’re really getting a whole lot, and to make you even more confident in your purchase, the manufacturer offers whole 10 years of warranty which is unimaginable in any competitive grill, especially for this kind of money.

2. Char-Broil Performance 475

Large area, efficiency, as many as 4 burners, and all of that at the lowest possible price. Of course it’s not the number one when it comes to the quality of materials or innovative features, but we can be perfectly confident that it is the best budget gas grill.

It is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, good quality and price. The last one seems to be the most important criterion here, there’s no point buying anything cheaper if you want your grill to serve you for at least few years. Much cheaper choices are simply poor in every regard, if you want to buy a cheap gas grill then Char-Broil Performance 475 is in our view the number one in this category.

The quality of workmanship is definitely poorer when compared to Weber Spirit II E-310. We have to remember, though, that between both of those grills there’s a difference in price of 100%. You cannot expect miracles for this kind of money, for that much you can simply buy a good grill for at least a few years.




It doesn’t come with any innovative features, which is the main reason for the much lower price. It’s a simple grill meant to make it possible to cook delicious food and it works great for that. It’s a choice not only for those on a budget but also those who need a regular plain gas grill with no extra gadgets.

To sum it up, as we already mentioned earlier, Char-Broil Performance 475 is the best gas grill for the money especially if you have a limited budget. The whole structure is made very well, the grill has a large cooking area that heats up relatively evenly and pretty fast – what else to ask for at this price?

3. Weber Genesis II E-310

A model for those more demanding, equipped with many interesting features, offering phenomenal efficiency, large cooking area and quick warming up. It is a choice for those who want something more than the Weber Spirit II version.

The Genesis II E 310 model is characterized by very high quality of workmanship and durability. It’s a well-made product, it has a thicker and more solid lid than Weber Spirit II and a set of four wheels.

It is also slightly bigger, the cooking area is bigger by about 140 square inches compared to Weber Spirit II which also has three burners.

Which means that for a slightly higher price you get a much better lid ( it’s thicker which makes it more solid, the same goes for the handle ), the Gs4 grilling system and a much bigger cooking area. What is most important, it is not one of the most expensive gas grills, if you’re looking for a luxurious gas grill that has all the possible features and gadgets then we have chosen something like that for you, but more on that below.




When it comes to Weber Genesis II E-310, it is a solid, heavy, three-burner gas grill with a slightly bigger area than Spirit II and a more solid lid.  A perfect alternative for those who want to clearly know what a solid gas grill is as well as those who wish to get a little more surface on a three-burner grill that still maintains great efficiency and speed of heating up.

Let us remind that the Genesis II series is also covered with a full 10 year warranty which lets us feel that it is truly a solid product for years to come. Is it a product worth its price? We’d say it is, it has all the features like in the Spirit II series whereas the whole structure is slightly bigger and has several elements that are much better made ( especially the grill’s lid ).

4. Coleman Roadtrip 285

Most of us travel around once in a while, a smaller group will spend time camping or simply doesn’t have much space in the backyard or the terrace. For all those people, Coleman Roadtrip 285 was made, which is the most mobile yet efficient gas grill.

Thanks to its very well thought-out structure, it can be folded which makes it easy to store or transport like a suitcase with wheels. For those who love stationary gas grills it is great news.

Despite being a model intended for those who value mobility, we have to admit that it offers a large cooking area. Three independent burners can warm up whole 285 square inches of the cooking area evenly and in a short time.



We really liked the ability to replace the heating rack/grill grates. Such solution gives plenty of opportunities, one can use the surface that is great for cooking things like eggs, vegetables etc or cast-iron grill grates. Sadly, the downside is the fact that replacement parts are sold separately which might significantly increase the final price.

We are very positively surprised with the functionality and efficiency of this device. The price is slightly higher compared to full-sized grills but I think that for those who like to travel such grill will be a great solution. Coleman Roadtrip 285 would be quite a rage at every camping ground or any outdoor place where you’re planning to cook something.

5. Weber Summit S-470

Summit is the richest Weber series, a gas grill from this series is equipped with all the features you know. It is a versatile and very strong device for those who love to experiment in the kitchen and love gadgets.

It also comes with a large cooking area, plenty of gadgets, large number of different burners, and all of that with high quality of workmanship. Weber Summit S-470 is a grill that every BBQ enthusiast dreams of, but due to the price not many people will choose to buy it.

One has to admit that it is a product for those with a thick wallet as well as fans of interesting gadgets. If you don’t like all those supporting systems, different burners or smartphone apps, then I definitely advise against buying this grill.

If the price doesn’t matter to you then go for this model, you certainly won’t be disappointed.



The main cooking area ( 580 square inches ) is heated by 4 main burners, you also get 4 different dedicated burners at your disposal such as the side burner, sear station burner, smoker burner and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner.

It’s a luxurious gas grill for those who like to experiment, visually speaking it looks very impressive in the backyard. After a discussion in our group everyone decided they would like to have a model like this one, but due to the price they’d rather buy a different, much cheaper model.

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