Details about BIM Management and Facility Management

Building Information Modeling, better known as BIM, is one of the most important tools used these days in building architecture and construction – and for good reason. If truth be told, the creation of a structed and logical model of every bit of information related to a certain construction project can go a long way in ensuring that it progresses from one level to the other in a seamless manner.


The best part about BIM consulting is that it helps ensure that the project remains within the allotted budget and is finished right on schedule. Apart from that, it goes a long way in make sure that all regulatory compliance requirements are not just met, but fulfilled too. All of the collaboration that must take place between the planning and eventual construction phase of the project is also handled rather efficiently with BIM. Most importantly, a top-quality BIM also makes it possible for stakeholders to remain 100% involved in the entire process, thereby allowing for transparency to prevail. In the long run, this can play a significant role in inspiring confidence and trust between you and the stakeholders of the project.


A majority of people have a notion that a BIM is merely related to a 3D rendering of a building. However, this isn’t what Building Information Models are all about. With the help of design software and 3D imaging technology, it is true that 3D models are a major part of BIM. However, there is more to it than that. In a majority of cases, a BIM will also include specific information pertaining to the overall construction, engineering and operations of the building. The information presented in IM can be inclusive of:


  • Site information
  • Architectural details
  • Designs
  • Budgets
  • Material sheets
  • Personnel details
  • Schedules etc.


Most importantly, there are many other aspects of a project that BIM can be used in apart from the design and construction phase. For instance, it can be used to manage the building once the construction phase is completed. For more details, visit website url.


Facility management and BIM

A majority of BIM software developers include facility management in their products as well. Through it, it becomes possible for information to be transferred from BIM into a more useful format. This can then be used for the operations and the overall maintenance of the building that has been constructed.

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