How to Avoid Scam Agencies while Seeking Employment in Dubai

There are thousands of people who travel to Dubai looking for employment. Many of them are lucky enough to land a job, but as there are hundreds of agencies that are advertising themselves as staffing and recruitment agencies, some scams have crept into the mix as well. Here are some tips that will allow you to distinguish the scams for the real deal. This will allow you to stay away from scams and only interact with the companies that provide the best service.

Beware of tricks

As there are many staffing agencies in Dubai, anyone who is looking for a job submits his CV to one of these. Now if the company is a legitimate one then they will most assuredly try to get him an employment. However, if the company is illegal, or if they are a scam, they will try to fleece the customer. This can be done in a verity of ways, so here are some of these tricks that are used by these companies that are scams in reality.

Never Send money for “process”

The oldest trick in the book is that they will ask you to hand over some money so that your job process may be “speedily” decided. This is just a false statement, as there is no company in the world that will speed up the process on the CV of a person in exchange for some money. So is a CV is under process, it will take the same amount of time as other CV’s, and there is no amount of money that will speed up the process. If any of these companies ask you for money to get your CV to the top of the list, you should stop sending them your CV immediately and cut all contact with them.

Never send money on fake calls

Another ploy used by the scams companies is that they will hold a fake call with a member of a purported real agency. For example, you will be called by someone claiming to work for the UAE national recruitment agency. However, instead of asking you about your particulars, they will ask you if you are willing to pay them to get preferential treatment. This is a complete scam as well. UAE is one of the least corrupt nations in the world as far as the multinational corporate sector is concerned. So the chances of someone calling you out of the blue and asking for a bribe is almost nill. If anyone does call you like this, you should stop all contact immediately.

Author: admin