What to Remember When Cleaning your Space

If you own a business space, it is your responsibility to keep it clean and maintained. A clean office space can bring a number of benefits to you and your business – it can boost the morale of your employees and attract potential customers and clients.


But the upkeep can be also a pain and if you have a big space, it is likely that you will forget to clean one space or building aspect. To prevent this from happening, you need to remember the following:



  1. Do not forget the facade

Sometimes, we are so engross on keeping the interiors of our workspace clean that we often forget the exteriors. The outside look of your office is important on building a good impression to your visitors. It will serve as your business ID as well. If the visitors find it unclean and unkempt, you will be having a hard time to convince them on the legitimacy of your business. So pay attention to your façade and get the best facade cleaning services in Dubai to help you will the upkeep.


  1. Remember the walls

Upon entering your business premises, visitor will focus their eyes on your walls. Aside from putting elegant decors on the wall, be sure that it is clean and free of dust or embellishments. Have your cleaning service provider clean them on a regular basis to maintain its appearance. If you see some cracks, get a contractor to fix it before the damage is too late to fix.


  1. Scrub the floors

One of the dirtiest part of any establishment or space is the floors. Usually, shoe impressions and dirt gather on the floors making it look dirty and filthy. And it is not a pretty sight. Have you cleaner do some sweeping on the floors three times a day to get the dust off and schedule a regular floor cleaning (once a month is ideal) to remove the hard-to-clean dirt on the flooring. Depending on the material (tiles, wood, cement, etc.) have the scrubbed and shined to make it pleasant to look at.


  1. Pay attention to the corners

Corners and hidden spaces are one of the most forgotten places to clean. When you do a major cleaning on your office space, sweep the whole place including the corners. There might be dust gathering on the corners and it might cause major respiratory ailments and allergies. Remind your cleaners to clean them as well.


  1. Clean the vents

Uncleaned air vents can be harmful to you and to your employees. Conduct a regular inspection and have them cleaned at least once a month. If you see any damage on your vent, have them repaired or replaced.

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