Basic Facts About Document Attestation

A lot of people are not quite familiar with the process of document attestation and what it is for. This process is needed, especially for other nationalities that are seeking new opportunities in other countries.

Here are some basic facts you need to know about attestation and its purpose:

What document attestation means?

Attestation is the process that pertains to a legalization of certain documents so other countries and location would accept the original document as valid and genuine and not a fake copy. Some countries and location required foreign nationalities to have their documents for certain reasons (e.g. employment, academic acceptance, application for visa and citizenship, etc.). Proofs, documents and certificate would not be recognized by the country of origin and the country you intended to use it for unless it is stamped with certification.

How can it help your cause?

As mentioned, attested documents will be considered genuine and valid by your new location. This would mean that you can use these documents as proof for any application that you might need it. There is no need to get another certification for the original source that validates the certificate. The stamped of attestation would be enough proof. It can be used as a legal document as well should you need it.

What are the requirements needed to process the attestation?

Depending on the purpose of attestation, you might need to provide supporting documents as per requirement. For degree certificate attestation for UAE, you need to submit a copy of the original certificates, copies of the first and last two copies of your passport, your visa, and a job offer letter attesting that you are being offered an employment.

For non-educational attestation, the requirements are much more rigid. Aside from the supporting documents mentioned above like your marriage certificates and other proofs of identity that might help the processing.

How long the process does take?

The usual processing time for attestation takes at least 15-20 days, depending on the approval of the ministries and other governing agencies involved. Be sure to get and collate all the documents needed to avoid processing delays.

After the attestation, what is the next step?

Once the documents are attested and legalized, you can now use them to your advantage. But be sure to take good care of the original certificates that has been attested. Some countries or location are quite strict with worn out certificates. You might need to request for new copies of the documents and have it legalized again.

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