Things to know about basic flower arrangements

There is no denying the fact that flowers play an important role in enhancing the positive environment at events, restaurants, hotels, offices and in at homes. The first thought that will come across your mind after seeing a beautiful corporate floral arrangement is the creativity and skills of a professional florist who has arranged them that way. If truth be told, you can also make a nice arrangement of flowers on your own, if you have the knowledge and sense about the various patterns that are followed by top florists when making a flower arrangement. If you have interest in learning the most commonly used patterns for flower arrangements, then you can start mastering your skills by trying following famous flower arrangement patterns that are used by professional florists:

1- Horizontal flower arrangements

Horizontal arrangement is one of the most commonly used patterns that is followed by a number of professional florist to create a beautiful flower arrangements. Florists use beautiful shallow containers to create horizontal flower arrangements. If you are going to follow this flower arrangement, then you will need some other materials such as foam and anchor tape as well to keep your design intact.

2- Vertical flower arrangements

Another very popular pattern for professional flower arrangements is vertical flower arrangement. For this pattern, florists use long vases to arrange flowers in beautiful tower formation.

3- Crescent flower arrangement

This type of flower arrangement is called crescent flower arrangement because in this florists arrange flowers in a design that resembles with shape of crescent moon. You will find this type of flower arrangements in a variety of different events. It is also being used frequently to create a beautiful arrangement of wedding flowers in Dubai.

4- Triangle flower arrangement

If you want to make a triangle flower arrangement, then the first thing that you will need is a shallow vase. Next, you will have to arrange a tall flower in the center of your arrangement. Then you will have to arrange comparatively smaller sized flowers at the both sides of the tall flower to create a triangular shape.

5- Minimal flower arrangement

This is a very simple yet appealing flower arrangement that you will find at a number of hotels, corporate events and many other places. In this flower arrangement, florists use just a few flowers and arrange them in an attractive way.

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