Pellet Grill Frequently Asked Questions & Cooking Tips

Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the pellet grill. We invite you to especially read them if you’re just starting on your journey with this type of grill. Below you will find plenty of interesting answers that will allow you to learn more about this device.

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How long does a bag of pellets last in a pellet grill?

It all depends on what particular grill model you have, but the rule of thumb is that most pellet grills use 1-3 lbs of pellets per hour. For example, a typical bag of Traeger pellets ( 20lbs ) can last for up to 20 hours of uninterrupted cooking at low temperatures.

Depending on what temperature you cook at, the manufacturers usually specify the fuel consumption based on slow meat searing at low temperatures of about 200 degrees. One should take into account that at high temperatures the pellet consumption will be several times higher ( about 3-4x higher for example ).

Can you grill on a pellet grill?

Of course you can – a pellet grill is a very versatile device that allows not only to smoke meat, but also to roast or grill. For many people, it might sound impossible, but we recommend reading the article on how to sear on a wood pellet grill in order to learn in detail how it works.

How long does the Pellet Grill take to heat up?

That depends on many factors such as weather, the size of the grill and of course the selected temperature, but we can assume that it takes about 5-10 minutes from the moment of pressing the ignition button to reach the desired temperature ( lower one ) and slightly above 10 minutes to get a higher temperature.

How does a wood pellet smoker work?

A pellet grill is a pretty technically complicated device that is controlled by a special algorithm. It all starts in the pellet container out of which the fuel is transported with a spinning spiral straight into the firebox where there is also a fan that helps control the temperature. The algorithm calculates how many pellets have to be added to the firebox in order to maintain the desired temperature, click here and read more on how the pellet grill works.

Can you use wood pellets for cooking?

Only use food-grade wood pellets for cooking, never use regular industrial wood pellets because they are adapted for industrial uses, contain chemical additives and have a bad impact on the flavor of the food. For cooking on a pellet grill, always use only food-grade pellets from a reliable source.

Can you soak wood pellets?

Definitely not, during the production process of wood pellets water is eliminated so that they are dry because they are used for warming the grill up. The biggest problem with wet wood pellets is that they can block the spinning spiral that transports them to the firebox. It is the main reason not to use wet pellets. Always keep the grill and the pellets in a dry place so that the pellets are always dry.

Does a pellet grill rely on electricity?

Yes, as we have mentioned before, a pellet grill is a device full of different elements such as the fan, the spinning spiral, the digital controller and many others. All of that requires to be constantly hooked to a power supply so that all of those elements can work. Which means that a pellet grill won’t work without being plugged in.

How often to clean the grill?

Cleaning a pellet grill consists of several stages, each of them with its own priority. For example, a thorough cleaning has to be performed 1-2 times a year whereas grill grates have to be cleaned after each cooking with no exceptions. More on how to take care of a pellet grill and how often can be read here.

Can you cook on a pellet grill during winter?

Of course you can – Due to the low temperature of the surroundings during winter, a pellet smoker is at risk of losing heat fast and of problems with reaching higher temperatures. Which is why plenty of manufacturers offer specially made insulating blankets that prevent excessive heat loss and help maintain a higher temperature. Try to open the lid of the grill as rarely as possible in order to limit the heat loss as much as possible. The best way is to install meat probes that will allow you to monitor your food without having to open the lid.

Can you leave a pellet grill outside?

The best environment for a pellet grill is dry surroundings. A pellet smoker comes with plenty of electronics that don't like water and humidity. If you want to leave your grill outside then we suggest that you buy a cover, which will protect your grill not only from water but also from any other type of contamination, thus keeping your grill clean.


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