Top 5 Restaurant in New Orleans

Below we present our first list of top 5 restaurants in New Orleans. While our website is BBQ related, the restaurants we recommend will offer different types of cooking. We hope that you get to eat something truly incredible at one of those places, in the future we will publish other, alternative places.

  1. Commander’s Palace

commanders palace restaurantYou care about incredible attention to detail and high quality of service? At Commander’s Palace you will experience amazing service with attention to every detail that ensures that the client feels special. We should also not forget about the core of every restaurant, by which we mean food, which not only is fresh but also prepared with attention to every detail. To many people visiting this restaurant, it is so enjoyable that they don’t want to leave it soon. Different kinds of well thought-out food were prepared for the guests, as well as very cozy atmosphere. It also offers great selection of wines for those into this type of alcohol. It’s a place with a very long history, which shows how professionally the restaurant is treated.


  1. Parkway Bakery & Tavern

Parkway Bakery & Tavern restaurantJust like our predecessor above, this restaurant also has an incredibly long history to it, which only confirms what a good place it had to be throughout all those years and still is to this day. It used to be an establishment that wasn’t well known with tourists, more with the local community. Today there’s plenty of tourists coming in, but the food has remained on the same high level which explains the influx of so many tourists. It is not a typical restaurant where the clients are waited on by a waiter, it is a place where the employees make sure to deliver your food as fast as possible. Their offer includes seafood, delicious sandwiches as well as drinks and cocktails, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular places among the local community. Get ready for long waiting lines which will be made up for with delicious food.

  1. The Joint

the joint restaurantIt’s a place for those who love BBQ and a little bit of beer. Besides the well made food, you will also find a large selection of drinks at the bar here. We are not afraid to say that we consider it to be the number 1 among restaurants where you can eat the best BBQ from people who are very good at these things. The restaurant offers dishes characteristic to the southern BBQ. The juiciest of slow-cooked beef brisket and pulled pork, ribs, chicken and sausage is what you can certainly have to eat here. Tourists may find the interior to not be very inviting, but for the local residents it is quite the opposite. Remember, though, that the core of this place is what almost everyone in America loves – great BBQ.

  1. Blue Oak BBQ

A great choice for Lunch or Dinner, the offer includes well-smoked meat, sandwiches, a selection of drinks and more. Despite the restaurant only being around for few years ( it was founded in 2012 ) it has already won respect of the local connoisseurs and tourists since then. If you’re looking for another place where you can find great BBQ then this is certainly another item on your list. Spicy Chicken burgers, Brisket Cheesy Gordita Crunches, Brisket Philly’s are only some of the delicious dishes. We really encourage you to take a look at their Instagram where you can see how diverse the food  they offer is. The ribs, brisket, chicken, sauces, drinks prepared according to the highest standards. We really recommend checking this place out if you’re in New Orleans.

  1. Primitivonola  ( Closed )

Founded in 2015, Primitivo is one of several exciting new businesses that have opened on the burgeoning Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in Central City, New Orleans. Chef Adolfo Garcia, Chef Jared Ralls, and Ronald Copeland, life-long New Orleans natives and veterans of the service industry, are proud to present their partnership in a dining concept found nowhere else in the city: a restaurant that hearkens back to a ubiquitous and ancient rite of gathering around a fire to prepare and enjoy a thoughtfully crafted and expertly cooked meal.

primitvonola restaurantAt the heart of Primitivo is its hearth, fueled by its kindling of white oak and coal. Its roaring, welcoming flame imbues its signature flavor to every dish on our menu, whether charred directly on top of the fire or smoked in the two adjoined smokers. Meat, fire, and salt bind each dish, while the rest of their composition remains diverse and seasonal: roasted ribeyes and brined chickens balanced with local produce, smoky cuts of beef and saucy ribs, hearty greens and pork cheeks braised slowly over many hours of care. This variety of textures, flavors, and aromas creates a singular and harmonious sensory experience, elevated by our attention to detail and Louisiana’s bounty of delicious flora and fauna from farms around the region. Our bar offers the same variety, featuring house-made liqueurs and syrups in innovative recipes, as well as perfected classics.

With special menus for lunch and happy hour Monday to Friday and dinner Monday through Saturday, Primitivo is as much an ideal place for a quick snack and a cocktail as it is for a three-course dinner and a bottle of wine. We have a variety of options in our dining room for table service, bar seating, and seating at a “cold bar” facing our open kitchen. To reserve a table, you may call us during our business hours (11:30-10 Monday to Friday, 5-10on Saturday) or use the OpenTable app. Please join us soon for an unforgettable meal.

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