Travel in Dubai: Places You Should Visit

When people think of Dubai, the first thing that comes to their minds is the desert. Being located in the Middle East has earned it the same connotation as the other areas surrounding this. But, there’s more to Dubai than just vast deserts and camel rides. In fact, Dubai is far from being a lonely place in the middle of the desert — it’s the ultimate luxury getaway place.

Surrounded by the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and a golden coastline to boast, Dubai is able to satisfy people from all places. It boasts of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings that seem to kiss the sky with their grandeur. With the city’s continuous surge in the economic field, you could say that Dubai is turning into a giant playground for businesses and travelers alike.

But, what are the best places to visit when you’re in Dubai for five days? Here are a few sights that you shouldn’t miss:

Al Mamzar Beach Park

The largest beach park in Dubai, this 244-acre beach provides you access to the southern bank of the Al Mamzar lagoon outlet located at the Sharjah border. Al Mamzar Beach Park not only gives you access to the stunning bays, but it also has its own swimming pool. You’ll also find well-manicured gardens where you can relax for the day.

Al Fahidi Historic District

If you want to experience life in old Dubai, head over to the Al Fahidi Historic District. This Persian town is one of the protected areas in the UAE, with efforts maintained to prevent the area from being demolished in the 1980s. You’ll find fascinating labyrinths that lead to parts of the old city wall, a perfect addition to your itinerary if you’re up for some exploring.

Etihad Museum

Learning history should be a part of any traveler’s itinerary. If you’re a complete sucker for history, the Etihad Museum is a sight you can’t overlook. The Etihad Museum houses an array of artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that depict the formation of the UAE back in 1971. This gives visitors a glimpse of the life before the 1950s. It’s one of the places you shouldn’t miss if you’re up for a little learning during your trip.

Knowing where to go is half the battle, but planning the itinerary might just make your trip even more memorable. So, pack your bags, book your flight, and get ready to explore the best of Dubai with this itinerary.

Author: admin